This Week’s Awards and Achievements

Star Awards

These were all awarded to pupils for being effective contributors this week.

P1a- Khadijah Khatib

P1b- Vicky Diaz

P2a- Jakub Nowicki

P2b- Sashwin Prakash

P3a- Dalton Slater, Emre Gear, Oscar Ni and Peter Rogaczyk

P3b- Sophie Proudfoot

P4a- Domo Johnnie

P4b- Connor Urquhart

P5a- Alice Chisholm

P5b- Emiliano Amato

P6a- Josh Ho

P6b- Eshaan Kazmi, Callie Hay, Kacey Fisher, Nikola Fydrych, Caitlin Woodward, Daniel Male, Vitor Oliveira, Jake Hood and Mack Brown

P7a- Francesca Campopiano

P7b- Mariyah Ali

ESB2- Kelvin Young

Big Book of Achievement

Tiyash Mitra (P4a) performed in a festival called Sarawati Puja, which is a festival of knowledge and the arts, She sang in front of an audience! Well done Tiyash!

House Points

Here are the House Points for this week-

McDonald- 974 points

Drummond- 905 points

Pilrig- 903 points

Trinity-744 points

Well done to McDonald!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week! Have a great weekend!