Playground Tidy and Gardening Day

Good afternoon everyone,

Please see below from Rachel Blythe, chair of our Parent Council, reporting on the successful playground tidy up and gardening event at the weekend…

MANY THANKS to everyone who came to our Playground Big Tidy Up / Gardening Day on Saturday.  A good turn out!, Nice to see everyone!  Particular thanks to Chris Willmott and Gael, P3, (made and used barbecue); to Anne Hay and to Karina Karaagacli, (ran the tea and hot chocolate stall); to Catriona Hay (now S2), Marsha Purdie, Rebecca Winterstein and others (demolishing the storm damaged buddleia); to Tammy Doig, (brought extra plants for planting) and to Alasdair, P7 (ran treasure hunt)

There was a story in the sheltered area, about a boy, some pirates and a brightly coloured macaw.  The book became the main prize at the end and there were chocolate prizes for good listening.

Thanks to Daniel Winterstein for organising some football playing, and to Pauline Oh and Ritchie Collins, who donated the charcoal for the barbecue.  Many thanks to Mrs Gowans, who came along and to Essa, the Janitor, who opened and closed the gym hall.

Here are some photos of the event below…

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Thanks to all who came along and helped!