Comic Relief 2022

Please see a message below from Ms Gowans about this year’s Comic Relief!

Comic Relief: Friday 18th March

I’d like to say a huge thank you for your support for Comic Relief last Friday.  I don’t think I have ever seen so many cakes.  The contributions from families were incredible and made it a fantastic event.  P6b worked hard all morning serving cakes to every child in school.  

P6a also worked incredibly hard in the playground making sure every child had the chance to have some fun and take part in the activities they had organised.  I was so proud of our primary six pupils for their hard work and positivity throughout the morning.

We raised almost £300.00 on the morning in cash!  An outstanding amount of money.  In addition to that, we had £116.00 donated through ParentPay making a grand total of £416.00.  Thank you all so much for your contributions –  dressing your children up, giving cash and baking cakes.  It was the first event like this we have had in two years and all your support made it a great success.

Maria Gowans