This Week’s Awards and Achievements!

Star Awards

This week’s star awards were presented to these children for being responsible citizens!

P1a- Arya Gamez Gonzalez

P1b- Patrik Cirpaciu

P2a- Leon Scott

P2b- Rainer Kinsey O’Neill

P3a- Oscar Ni and Viksha Manjunathaswamy

P3b- Alicia Nicol

P4a- Pinky Ni

P4b- Adam Winterstein

P5a- Alice Chisholm

P5b- Kevin Kielak

P6a- Cole Weatherly

P6b- Alfie Gaukrodger

P7a- Megan Weatherly, Christine Watson, Keenan Lewis, Martyna Kabala, Hazel Gibson, Francesca Campopiano and Alice Avison

P7b- Roland Sheta

Big Book of Achievement

Ria Collins (P4b) took part in a fencing competition last weekend and won a gold medal in her category! Well done Ria!

Seren Ferguson (P4b) passed her red belt at her Kuk Sool martial arts class! Well done Seren!

Bo Schogler (P6a) made a puppet at home from a range of recycled materials! Very creative Bo!

House Points

Here are the House Points for this week-

Drummond- 804 points

Pilrig- 718 points

McDonald- 675 points

Trinity- 522 points

Well done to Drummond!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week! Have a great weekend!