This Week’s Awards and Achievements

Star Awards

P1a- Leo Hoyland

P1b- Ahmed Abbas

P3a- Tobias Ortega Jurecka and Dalton Slater

P3b- Ellis Clark

P4a- All of P4a!

P4b- All of P4b!

P5a- All of P5a!

P5b- Hope Urquhart

P6a- All of P6a!

P6b- Freya Lewis

P7a- All of P7a!

P7b- Tyler Evans

Big Book of Achievement

Jerreline Law (P1a) came third in her baton twirling competition! Well done Jerreline!

House Points

Here are the House Points for this week-

McDonald- 934 points

Pilrig- 798 points

Trinity- 745 points

Drummond- 681 points

Well done to McDonald!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week! Have a great long weekend! See you all on Wednesday 4th May.