Sponsored Run for Ukraine

We held our Sponsored Run for Ukraine on Friday, and it was such a big success!

We were delighted to see our school doing their best to get as many laps as they could. Special mention needs to go to Giorgiy Cheravetenko from P7b, who ran 40 laps in total over the course of the morning, which is around 10 miles! Thanks to all our pupils for trying so hard.

In total we ran 1288 miles,, which was just short of our target to get to Kyiv. However, this distance is enough to get to Ukraine, and is still an amazing distance!

With more sponsor money to come, we have so far raised an amazing total of around £3100!

Thanks so much for all your donations through sponsors or Parent Pay. We’ll share the final total when we have it!

Thanks to all our parents and carers who joined in to support us on Friday. It was lovely to see you after such a long time since we were able to invite you to a school event. Thanks also to the Community Police Officers and Fire Fighters who came along to help bump up our laps total!

Thanks to our Pupil Council and Giorgiy for having the initial idea to have a fund raiser, alongside Mrs Bertram for organising the event.

Well done Team Broughton!

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