Parent Council Meeting

Please see below a post from Rachel Blythe, our Parent Council chair-


Many thanks to everyone attending the last Parent Council meeting, on Wednesday 11 May, 6.30 pm. 3 staff attended and a good number of parents. Staff attending were: Mrs Gowans, Mrs Rushforth and Mr Borthwick.
Thanks to Naomi Sandilands, who took the minutes. Thanks to Pauline Oh for her work on Primary 1 transitions and on Active Schools. Thanks to Shona Campbell for the Treasurer’s Report.
The childcare at the meeting consisted of: the Music room next door, with a paid supervisor, was used by 3 children.
The minutes of the meeting will be shared soon.


Pictures attached below show-

1) The Breakfast Club Room in the link, where we met;

2) The Music room next door, for childcare;

3) Soft seating in the Breakfast Club room itself, good for children who want to be in the meeting room itself or younger children;

4) The outside of the Link Building.

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