Parent and Carer Consultations- June

Parents' Evening Bookings — Solihull Sixth Form College

Hello everyone,

Our next parent and carer consultations are on Wednesday 8th June from 5pm-8pm, and Friday 10th June from 1pm-4pm. These meetings are for all classes, apart from P4a. They are in-person meetings, which means you are finally able to come in to school! You must use the Parents Booking website to book your appointments.

Bookings for these appointments can only be made from 7pm this Friday 27th May until 3.30pm on Tuesday 7th June.

Please follow this link to access the Parent Booking website-

The following document has instructions to help you make a booking-Parental Instructions to make a booking using Parents Booking site

If you need to book an interpreter for your appointment, please choose your appointment time by Wednesday 1st June, to allow us time to book interpreters.

Here is a link to the information letter-

BPS Parents Evening Letter- June 2022

Here are links to video clips that may help you to make appointments-

Video 1- How do I log in to Parents Booking?

Video 2- How do I make an appointment?

Video 3- How do I cancel or re-arrange an appointment?

Video 4- How do I make appointments for another of my children?

Video 5- How do I email or print my appointments?

If you have any problems booking appointments, please contact the school. We look forward to catching up with you!