Sports Day 2022

Yesterday was our first proper Sports Day since 2019! It was lovely to be able to hold the event without restriction and allow parents and carers to come and watch once again.

We held our event at the Craigroyston Football Pitch area of St.Mark’s Park, and were lucky enough to be able to have most of the P4-P7 events in the morning before the heavens opened! Our P1-P3 classes weren’t so lucky with the weather in the afternoon for their event, but they got to attempt some of the events.

Thanks to Mrs Bertram for all her organisation of this event. The events all ran smoothly and it was a very enjoyable occasion! In the lead up to the day, Mrs Bertram ran some flat race heats to select the top 4 fastest runners from each P4-P7 class to run in a stage final, one for boys and one for girls. The results are below!

P4-P7 Flat Race Finals- Results
P4 BoysP4 Girls
1.Jamie Mackay
2.Joseph Hood
3.Marko Masic
1.Tiana Daley
2.Fatima Joof
3.Seren Ferguson
P5 BoysP5 Girls
1.William Tennant
2.Spike Weller
3.Jaspreet Singh
1.Georgie Francis
2.Amy Hernandez Suarez
3.Eilidh Sloan
P6 BoysP6 Girls
1.Jude Jeremiah-Shelley
2.Flynn Powers
3.Alfie Gaukrodger
1.Jagna Przychodzka
2.Meerab Rowberry Raja#
3.Lola Sardi
P7 BoysP7 Girls
1.Szymon Soltan
2.Andy Lang
3.Mikaeel Ely
1.Megan Weatherly
2.Erin Walton
3.Nadia Blaszczyk

Congratulations to all these runners! Hope you like your shiny medals!

The Sports Day was a House Event, with all the scores being added up to make grand totals for each house. Here are the results below!

1st- Drummond- 1266 points

2nd- McDonald- 1144 points

3rd- Trinity- 1094 points

4th- Pilrig- 1016 points

Well done Drummond! Congratulations to everyone for helping make this event run smoothly! Here are some pictures and video of the P4-P7 event. 

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