This Week’s Awards and Achievements

Star Awards

P1a- Phillip Pham

P1b- Thomas Marshall

P1/2- Robin Cohen

P2- Abir Saxena

P3a-Heidi Scott

P3b- Blair Pollock

P4a-Adam Awadh

P4b-Elinor Barlow

P5- Ria Collins

P5/6- Adeline Lewis

P6- Alice Chisholm

P7a-Joshua Winterstein

P7b- Adam Ferguson

ESB2- Numra Rizwan

Big Book of Achievement

Adam Winterstein (P5) spent part of his summer break in Brazil, where he caught an Arowana fish! Impressive!

Toby Sewell (P2) was awarded a certificate for completing a reading challenge! Well done Toby!

House Points

Pilrig- 644 points

McDonald- 640 points

Drummond- 611 points

Trinity- 464 points

Well done Pilrig!

Well done to everyone on all these achievements! We hope you have a lovely weekend everyone!