Awards and Achievements!

Here are some of the recent awards and school achievements in school!

Star Awards

P1a- Damon Robb

P1b- Miki Bednarz

P1/2- Aleks Evelinov and Calan Woods

P2- Rafa Sanz Munoz

P3a- Aisha Oancea Sey

P3b- Victoria Sznapka

P4b- Patryk Bednarz and Lucas Dreger Lamas

P5- Rafay Baig and whole class!

P5/6- Tiyash Ganguli Mitra

P6- Piotr Fraczek

P7a- Alfie Reid

P7b- Jake Hood

ESB2- Krystian Sawa

Big Book of Achievement

Fraser Savage P3a- Fraser and his sister organised a Christmas Fundraiser for Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home.  They made flyers, set up a hot chocolate and mince pie stall in the field opposite their house and organised a festive dog show for the local dog walkers.  There were prizes for the most festive dog, waggiest tail and the smiliest dog.  The event was really fun and they raised £139! Well done!

Toby Sewell P2-Toby was graded to the next level in his Active Tigers Taekwondo class and received a yellow belt in December! Well done!

Noora Ryan P1a- Noora earned a certificate because she swam 25m unaided for the first time at the Commonwealth Pool over the Xmas holiday!

Jerreline Law P2- Jerreline played ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ on the piano at Edinburgh’s Christmas Piano Showcase 2022! Well done!

House Points

Pilrig- 503 points

Trinity- 500 points

Drummond- 440 points

McDonald- 345 points

Well done Pilrig!

Well done to everyone for all their achievements! Have a lovely weekend!