This Week’s Awards and Achievements!

Here are this week’s awards and achievements in school!

Star Awards

ESB 1- Cameron Barnes

P1a- Qai Salman

P1b- Teo Sanz Munoz

P1/2- Alexander McCloy

P2- Victoria Flores Diaz

P3a- Aarav Bajpai

P3b- Man-Yui Chan

P4a- Maya Osae-Brown

P5- The whole class!

P5/6- Fraser Cummings

P6- Kevin Kielak

P7b- Rebecca Lynch

ESB2- Numra Rizwan

Big Book of Achievement

Sophie O’Neill (P3b) and her brother Louie (P1/2) both achieved their yellow belts at Little Ninjas! Well done you two!

Advay Singh (P2) took part in a psychology study, and earned £10 for doing so. He then gave half of his earnings to a homeless person, showing great kindness! Well done Advay!

Thomas Marshall (P1b) took part in the Ukrainian Opera’s performance of Madame Butterfly at the Edinburgh Playhouse. He played the part of Madame Butterfly’s son, Sorrow. Well done Thomas!

House Points

Pilrig- 480 points

McDonald- 471 points

Trinity- 435 points

Drummond- 379 points

Well done Pilrig!

Well done to everyone for all their achievements! Have a lovely weekend everyone!