This Week’s Awards and Achievements

Here are this week’s awards and achievements in school!

Star Awards

P1a- Malki Scott

P1b- Revansh Panesar

P1/2- Asmin Cakabay

P2- Indah Collins and Miryn Ford

P3a- Alexander Igbinoke

P3b- Blair Pollock

P4a- Cohen Mochrie and Ranya Yasin

P4b- Asma Bousbaci

P5- Raihaan Yusuf

P5/6- Robert Wawok and Liam Macleod

P6- Cooper Napier

P7a- Vicki Nicholson

P7b- Laasya Kampa and Sofia Laing

ESB1- William Tant

ESB2- Numra Rizwan

House Points

Drummond- 687 points

Pilrig- 368 points

Trinity- 354 points

McDonald- 310 points

Well done Drummond!

Well done to everyone for all their achievements! Have a lovely weekend everyone!