This Week’s Awards and Achievements!

Here are this week’s awards and achievements in school!

Star Awards

P3a- Christina Medikonda

P3b- George Mathew

P4a- Emre Gear

P4b- Ibrahim Nawed

P5- Bruno Adamow

P5/6- Nathan Drever and Joseph Hood

P6- James Michie

ESB2- Krystian Sawa

Big Book of Achievement

Lucas Dreger Lamas (P4b) won a trophy because his football team Craigroyston FC were season champions! Well done Lucas!

Maddie Ellis (P2) completed two long hikes, including one 10km hike to find the Prince Albert Cairn in Balmoral. Well done Maddie!

Adam Awadh (P4a) has made outstanding effort and progression of skills in swimming, and superb teamwork and communication in football! Well done Adam!

Well done to everyone for all their achievements this week! Have a lovely weekend!