Awards and Achievements!

Here are our recent awards and achievements!

Star Awards

P1a- Whole class award!

P1b- Whole class award!

P1/2- Dean Melville

P2- Whole class and Arya Gonzalez

P3a- Sebastian Porte

P3b- Daniel Ivanov

P4a- Liyaa Alikhan

P4b-Abbie Makunganya

P5- Sheeza Kandrikar and Brooklyn Singh

P5/6- Danny Urquhart

P6- Olivia Devlin

P7a- Riley Templeton

P7b- Daniel Male

ESB1- William Tant

ESB2- Quinne Wright

Big Book of Achievement

Celia Gray (P4) took part in a gymnastics competition and won a medal for coming in 4th! Well done!

Jude Jeremiah-Shelley, Cole Weatherly, Alfie Reid, Flynn Powers and Craig McMullan (P7a) took part in a national Gaelic Football competition and won a trophy! Well played!

Robert Wawock (P5/6) took part in an archaeological dig in Poland, and he found some fossils. He shared these with his class and told them all about his discoveries! Well done Robert!

House Points

Trinity- 748 points

Drummond- 588 points

Pilrig- 559 points

McDonald- 392 points

Well done Trinity!

Well done to everyone for all their achievements! Have a lovely weekend!