Thursday 2nd April

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Hello everyone!

We hope you’re all keeping well and safe.

This morning at the Hub school, Mrs McAndrew and Miss Farrell-Stevens did a cool Science experiment with Skittles sweets, while Mr Borthwick resisted the temptation to eat them!

Mr Papa’s here today, so he and Mr Horan will be leading some basketball fun this afternoon!

Today’s home learning is available for you all, just one more day of tasks until the Easter holidays and a chance for some well deserved rest!

We’d like to thank you all for your lovely emails and messages of support that you’ve taken time to send us recently. They definitely count towards our acts of kindness!

We’d also like to thank our fabulous staff for all of their hard work in keeping their class pages updated with home learning, and for helping out at the Hub school.

Look after yourselves, and stay safe,

Mrs Venn, Mr Borthwick, Miss Bradley, and Mrs Gowans

Creative Ideas

English Essay - Music & Art

Please see the message below from ABC Music-

ABC Creative Home School is now up and running at
This resource is free to all parents – you just need to register and set up a password to use.
We have adapted our award-winning resources for schools and nurseries so that parents and other adult caregivers can confidently teach their children music at home. Even if you have no musical experience, we promise our resources are easy to use.

ABC Music Home School offers the following: –
age-targeted activity plans for parents and children
online interactive music, games & videos
timetable of video music lessons delivered by trainer on screen
downloadable worksheets
downloadable virtual instruments for phones and tablets
material to learn French and Spanish through music
resources for learning literacy and numeracy with music
We offer a range of easy to use material from Early Years to the end of Primary, focussing initially on Early Years to P3.
We are adding more material every day. We will also have a regular programme of online music lessons parents and children can watch together –
these will introduce parents to activities and resources on the website as well as being fun and engaging for children.

Simply go to the website to register today.

Please share far and wide and remember this resource is free!!

If you have any questions please email me

Best wishes

Tom Bancroft
ABC Creative Music

Also, see below for a list of observed drawing Art ideas from Mrs Martin, our Art teacher.

P1-P7 Observed Drawing Ideas



Wednesday 1st April

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Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well. We’re busy at the Hub School, Broughton High today. Mrs Martin has been leading a lovely Art activity, and Mrs McAndrew had a go too! Mr Horan will be arriving at lunchtime to take over for the rest of the day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We hope everyone has managed to access today’s home learning successfully. Through the Keyhole continues on Twitter, so keep looking out for the little clues that the teachers have included to help you guess.

We won’t be posting daily updates over the Easter holidays, but look out on Friday for a post of activities that we hope will keep you occupied over the break.

We hope you are all keeping well, and staying safe.

Take care,

Mrs Venn, Mr Borthwick, Miss Bradley and Mrs Gowans

Tuesday 31st March

Interviewing? Make Sure It's At 10.30am On Tuesday – Joe Burridge

For the children

Good morning everyone.
Welcome to week two of home schooling. Apologies for not posting an update yesterday. We were busy in our Hub school, Broughton High. We are here over the next few weeks with children of key workers.
We hope you are all still keeping well and managing to do your daily home learning tasks. This morning in the Hub we all did the Joe Wicks workout. We wondered if lots of you were also working out?
Remember to checkout our ‘Through the Keyhole’ on Twitter where you guess which staff member’s home it is. Some of you are doing really well with your answers!

Mrs Venn, Mr Borthwick, Miss Bradley and Mrs Gowans

For Parents/Carers

Good morning. I hope you are all keeping well. As I’ve said above we are now based in Broughton High School where we have children of Keyworkers from category 1, 2 or 3 for whom no alternative childcare is available. There are staff here each day working on a rota. I am trying to make sure that there is always one teacher from each stage at home who can oversee the home learning for their year group, however if this becomes too difficult, I’ll let you know.
This week Miss Judges and Miss Stewart, our primary 6 teachers, have been learning about Office 365 Teams so they can start to upload children’s learning to class teams. This will start for P6 after the Easter holidays. Primary 4 and 5 will start soon afterwards. This will enable children to send their learning directly to their teacher and will allow their teacher to make corrections and give some feedback. There will be a short video tutorial on our website later this week which will explain how children can access this.

We’ve been made aware that some P7b parents were having problems accessing Miss McCrimmon’s email, but we’re happy to say that the issue has now been resolved.

If you feel you would benefit from a food parcel, please email me.
All nursery parents will be receiving an email today about accessing free school meals.
Warmest regards,
Maria Gowans

Live Learning from WWF

See below some live learning opportunities from the WWF.

Last week we launched our #LearnToLoveNature campaign, which provides inspiring and enriching content for families and young people to access and use independently from home.
Our exciting new Live Learning events programme, which are streamed weekly on our YouTube channel, brings together some of WWF’s leading conservationists and scientists to share their experiences and answer your questions. We hope that you’re able to share these events with your pupils as they continue to learn more about – and explore – our world from home.



Active Schools

Active Schools

Active Schools are launching their A-Z of activities today, starting with A.

You can follow the challenges either on Twitter @ActiveSchoolsED or click on the link here to go to the Join In Edinburgh page.

Have fun!




School Closure Day Five- Part Two

22 Fantastic Friday Facts | The Fact Site

It’s Friday, so our last post of the week with some extra activities and websites to support your home learning activities.

For a range of activities across the curriculum, Pearson have launched a free support site during school closure. Pearson provide us with the majority of our Maths resources.

Pearson Support for Parents and Carers

For handwriting activities for P1-P4

Teach Handwriting

Two sites that give Literacy activities for P1-P4

BBC Bitesize 1

BBC Bitesize 2


Happy weekend everyone! Rest well, keep safe and look after each other!

Look after yourself, look after each other and look after the ...


School Closure- Day Five

Parish Centre Bar News: Friday Nights Are Back! (for a while ...

For the children

Happy Friday everyone!

Well, you’ve made it to the end of your first week of school closure! It’s probably been a bit of a strange week for you, but we hope you’ve been able to access lots of your home learning tasks, and have enjoyed completing them. We’d like to thank your lovely teachers for working so hard to provide all your daily updates- look out for your new Home Learning Challenge grid on Monday!

Remember our message of the importance of kindness at this time, and sharing your examples of acts of kindness with us so we can celebrate them on the website.
We also hope you’ve been able to explore some of the extra activities and websites we’ve been sharing with you each day. Remember  to make sure you are checking with an adult before you search anything.
Have you seen our ‘Through the Keyhole’ challenge on our Twitter feed? Your chance to guess which member of staff’s house we are visiting each day.

If you are in P6, we’re going to develop a new way for you to share your home learning. We’ll give you more details next week!

Your home learning tasks for today are posted on your class page.
Take care, and have a lovely weekend everyone!
Mrs Venn, Mr Borthwick, Miss Bradley and Mrs Gowans

For Parents/Carers

Well done everyone, for reaching the end of what may have been a challenging week for you! We hope you have all managed to access home learning successfully, but if you have any issues with this, remember that our staff and senior leadership team are just an email away, so contact us if you need any help or advice!

We’d like to thank all our nursery parents who have been uploading photos on to their child’s learning journals. P7 have also been making great use of Teams to share their learning with us, and we’re so proud of all their hard work.

If you are a parent of a child in P6, look out for an email next week with information around introducing Teams to P6.

We hope you have a restful weekend!

Take care, and look after yourselves,
Mrs Venn, Mr Borthwick, Miss Bradley and Mrs Gowans