Monday 1st June

Hello everyone, and a happy Monday to you all!

We hope you all had the chance to enjoy some of the amazing weather at the weekend, and are ready for another week of home learning!

We’ve got something new to share with you, and Mrs Gowans is here to explain it to you!


Attached below is a letter from Mrs Gowans, explaining all the information around Broughton Reads for you all. There’s also a format you may want to use to record any texts you read this month, but your home learning jotter or another way is equally good. We’d love to hear all your recommendations for good reads, so we can all share them with each other!

Broughton Reads Letter- June 2020

Broughton Primary School-My Reading Log


Mr Horan also has the latest information from LivingStreets to share with us- see their message below-

This week’s activity on our updated #walkingfromhome page is encouraging everyone to Share, sometimes it is easier to walk and talk.

You can encourage your school children to walk for 20 minutes every day as part of their daily exercise and see what benefits they experience.  This week encourage your school children to talk about how they are feeling using our activities to make sharing fun and playful.

Please continue to share your thoughts, snaps and videos with us by email or on social media #walkingfromhome. 

Happy Walking,

Living Streets Scotland Schools Team


That’s all for our update today folks. We hope you have a lovely day, and can enjoy some of the sunshine!

As always, stay safe!

Mrs Venn, Mr Borthwick, Miss Bradley and Mrs Gowans

Incredible Years Parenting Groups

The information below from the City of Edinburgh Council is for parents and carers of children with Nursery, P1 and P2 age.

We are delighted to let you know that there is 4 Incredible Years Groups starting January to March 2022 (please see attached flyer for details).  Incredible Years is specifically for parents and carers with children aged 3-6 years displaying difficult behaviour. Since 2014 there has been over 100 Incredible Years and Triple P courses delivered in Edinburgh and we continue to accept applications from professionals and parents and carers for both of these courses throughout the year using this link

Parenting courses for help with ages 3 to 10 years – The City of Edinburgh CouncilWe offer two parenting courses for parents and carers of children between the ages of 3 and 10 years old. The Incredible Years, for parents and carers of 3 to 5 year olds, takes place over 14 weeks Primary Triple P, for parents and carers of 6 to 10 years olds takes, place over nine weeks Apply for Primary Triple P or The Incredible

.   Over 80% of parents and carers report that their child’s behaviour has improved after taking part in these courses.

See below for the flyer mentioned above-

Incredible Years Flyer 2022

This Week’s Awards and Achievements

Well Done Smile Trophy - SuperStickers

Here are this week’s Star Award winners-

P1a- Noah Carr and Mya Singh

P1b- Rafa Sanz Munoz

P2a- Tomy Nemec

P2b- Ilyes Hamza

P3a- Emre Gear and Diego Sardi

P3b- Samar Kaar, Liam Laidlaw and Vivienne Donn

P4a- Carl Nyoni

P4b- Finn Messer

P5a- Meriem Bousbaci

P5b- Adele Baginska

P6a- The whole class!

P6b- Sophie Kelly

P7a- Ali Ahmad

P7b- Erica Hay

ESB2- Nikolas Dudziak

Big Book of Achievement

Sky Flynn (P7b) has reached the final of a Dance Inspirations competition with her dance team. The final will be held in Blackpool at the end of the month. Well done on qualifying Sky, and good luck for the final!

Congratulations to everyone on their success! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

We hope you all enjoyed a relaxing and peaceful holiday. It’s lovely to see everyone back at school today.

We’re looking forward to another hard-working year here at Broughton, and wish everyone all the best for what we hope will be a happy, healthy and safe New Year.

This Week’s Achievements and Holiday Wishes

Well done | Dunbar Primary School P1's Class Blog

Big Book of Achievement

Sam Gibson (P4b) has created his own computer game using his coding skills! Well done Sam!

Jagna Przychodzka (P6a) learned how to perform a gymnastics move on the bars called a ‘Giant.’ She’s been practising this tricky move for 8 months and finally nailed it!

Ria Collins (P4b) entered a Christmas craft competition and won herself a gift voucher!

Spike Weller (P5b) went to a special skate park in Glasgow, and learned how to do a front flip on a trampoline!

Hannah Gibson (P2b) danced on stage in her first ever dance show!

Aaron McLaughlin (P2b) attends classes for a Korean martial art called Kuk Sool Wan. He recently passed his grading for his next belt, which is white with a blue stripe!

House Points

Here are the House Points for this week,

Trinity- 790 points

Pilrig- 748 points

Drummond- 685 points

McDonald- 632 points

Well done to Trinity!

It’s also time to reveal our mid-year totals so far, so here goes…

Drummond- 9394 points

McDonald- 8843 points

Trinity- 8450 points

Pilrig- 8322 points

Well done Drummond, that’s a great total for the year so far! Let’s see if the others can catch up by the time we get to June!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week!

We’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe, and peaceful New Year! We hope you all have a restful holiday, and enjoy the break.

We’ll see you all again on Thursday 6th January 2022!


150 Inspiring Teamwork Quotes To Motivate Employees In 2021

Last week our Pupil Council and House Captains Team met to work together to tackle what they decided should be their first job- playground resources!

Together they audited the equipment we currently have, cleared out and removed any equipment that was unusable, and made a wish list of some new equipment they would like to put in our Quiet Area.

They worked so well together! The resource cupboard was cleared, cleaned and re-organised really swiftly! Some of their wish list items have already been ordered, or sourced from our staff.

Next, the Pupil Council reps will be asking their classes for their ideas and input into new resources. Look out for a letter from them in the new term asking for any donations of old games and resources. The House Captains will have responsibility for managing and supervising the use of our playground resources, so they can look forward to that challenge in the new year!

Here are some photos of these 2 pupil groups working so well together. Well done to everyone for helping.

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This Week’s Awards and Achievements

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Star Awards

These were all awarded to pupils for excellent playground choices this week.

P1a- Calan Woods

P1b- Charlie McColgan

P2a- Yu-Cheng Kang

P2b- Dylan Singh

P3a- John Hall

P3b- Avanthika Sundararajan

P4a- Lily Giraldas

P4b- Finn Messer

P5a- Meriem Bousbaci

P5b- Harrison Hood

P6a- Fraser Duncan

P6b- Freya Lewis and KK Osae-Brown

P7a- Danny Coleman

P7b- Harlow Irvine

Big Book of Achievement

Finn Messer earned a Blue Peter Sports badge when he entered a competition to create a poster about a new sport he had started to play. He chose rugby, and has been hard at work practising his rugby kicking skills. Well done Finn!

House Points

Here are the House Points for this week-

Drummond- 1058 pts

McDonald- 916 pts

Trinity- 908 pts

Pilrig- 736 pts

Well done to Drummond!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week!

Have a lovely weekend everybody.

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