Books, Books, Books!

Image result for booksThis week we were very grateful to take delivery of 3 boxes of donated books! One of our ex-Broughton parents, Catriona Scott, arranged the donation from Sarah Wright.

Sarah works for a publisher, and had sample copies of a range of great new books to give away. We were delighted to take them off her hands, and will definitely put them to good use!

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We’d like to thank Sarah for her very kind donation, and also Catriona for thinking of us!

We can’t wait to read them!


House Captains

House captain badgesThe pupils have spoken! After holding our House and Vice captain elections last Wednesday, we are delighted to reveal our new House and Vice captains for this year! We announced their names at Assembly today, and it was very exciting as each of the captains was announced, and so lovely to hear the enthusiastic applause for each one! There were a few surprised faces too! Here they are….

IMG_3669House Captains- Summer Al-Robiey and Omar Karaallal

Vice Captains- Grace Clarkson and Ritika Gupta

IMG_3672House Captains- Isla Duncan and Harris Binnie

Vice Captains- Holly Girvan and Kian McLear

IMG_3673House Captains- Mija Cibuka and Seth Overton

Vice Captains- Maya Bateman and Aymen Chergui

IMG_3675House Captains- Hendeke Elias and Elliot Igbinoke

Vice Captains- Hana Dif and Isaac Schogler

Congratulations to all our new captains! We hope you enjoy taking on your responsibilities this year, and we’re sure you’ll be a great example to others!

We also need to thank and congratulate all the children who put themselves forward and took part in the elections last week. You’re so brave to present to such a large group, and we are proud of your efforts too!

We’ll keep you posted of our house captains and their responsibilities as the year goes on. Well done to all!


Primary School Flu Vaccination

FluConsent packs are out now for flu vaccination for pupils in P1-P7.

The flu nasal spray vaccine for primary school children helps to protect against flu. Flu is a virus; it spreads quickly and can infect children and adults very easily, causing an unpleasant illness which can be serious.

When you receive a consent form pack please complete and sign the consent form and return it to school as soon as possible.

More information about the programme can be found using the following link to the flu vaccination section on the NHS Inform Website

Or you can call NHS Inform for further information on 0800 22 44 88 (8am to 10pm, Monday- Friday, 9am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday)

Building Resilience

Image result for building resilience get active

‘Get Active’ is the name of the next block in our ‘Building Resilience’ programme. In this unit, there are 3 main outcomes-

1. Being active is not only good for the body but also for the mind
Sometimes when we are feeling overwhelmed we can lack motivation to be active. The pupils will consider that being active, despite low motivation, will increase our mood and motivation again. Exercise releases endorphins and dopamine – brain chemicals that affect our mood and make us feel happier. It brings down high levels of stress chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol.
2. I have a range of hobbies and interests that I enjoy doing
It’s not just exercise that has these effects. Finding a range of things we find fun, are good at and give us a sense of fulfilment also helps to heighten our mood. Again, when we are feeling down or overwhelmed we can stop doing these things, when ironically they are the very things that can fill our wellbeing ‘tank’ again. We are all different in the things that make us feel good: pupils will consider what passions and interests they have that they enjoy and give them a sense of achievement.
3. Doing anything new involves taking a risk
Finding the things that we enjoy will always involve taking a risk as we challenge ourselves to try new things. Challenging ourselves causes mild to moderate stress. This is essential for learning as it stimulates the brain to take in new information. Encouraging pupils to take a risk by challenging themselves to try new activities and experiences will help them to build a more effective stress response system in the future and develop an understanding of their own skills and their ability to cope with setbacks or challenges.

Attached below is the Home Activity related to this unit.
We hope you find this useful!

Get Active Home Activity


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2019-2020 Youth Music Initiative


2019-20 Youth Music Initiative Provision

This year, the Arts and Creative Learning Team, funded by the Youth Music Initiative (YMI,) is delighted to offer opt-in group music tuition for P5-7. These lessons are called Sounds Like Friday (SLF) and Sounds Like Saturday (SLS) which parents and carers can sign up to on behalf of their children.

Sounds like Friday/Saturday, are opt-in group music lessons are held at venues across Edinburgh on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Application details and term dates are available on the council website at: