Monday 1st June

Hello everyone, and a happy Monday to you all!

We hope you all had the chance to enjoy some of the amazing weather at the weekend, and are ready for another week of home learning!

We’ve got something new to share with you, and Mrs Gowans is here to explain it to you!


Attached below is a letter from Mrs Gowans, explaining all the information around Broughton Reads for you all. There’s also a format you may want to use to record any texts you read this month, but your home learning jotter or another way is equally good. We’d love to hear all your recommendations for good reads, so we can all share them with each other!

Broughton Reads Letter- June 2020

Broughton Primary School-My Reading Log


Mr Horan also has the latest information from LivingStreets to share with us- see their message below-

This week’s activity on our updated #walkingfromhome page is encouraging everyone to Share, sometimes it is easier to walk and talk.

You can encourage your school children to walk for 20 minutes every day as part of their daily exercise and see what benefits they experience.  This week encourage your school children to talk about how they are feeling using our activities to make sharing fun and playful.

Please continue to share your thoughts, snaps and videos with us by email or on social media #walkingfromhome. 

Happy Walking,

Living Streets Scotland Schools Team


That’s all for our update today folks. We hope you have a lovely day, and can enjoy some of the sunshine!

As always, stay safe!

Mrs Venn, Mr Borthwick, Miss Bradley and Mrs Gowans

Building Resilience- Back to School Tips#5

Back to School Tip #5

We are delighted to share Tip number 5 which suggests some ideas for the children starting back to school next week. We would love to hear what things you are doing to make the transition a little smoother.

Back to School Tip #5: Challenge Your Mindset – Remember we can cope- we just did


Your Child: It can be unsettling not knowing what may happen. Help your child focus on all the things they do know, such as how to get to school, what they will wear, seeing a friend. Introduce new information gradually as it becomes available.

Everyone is a unique individual, discuss with your child the little things that they can do or have already achieved. Remind them of these skills and successes when embarking on a new challenge.

                                                                                                                                                                    You: It is normal that many children and parents will be feeling anxious, try to focus on how you will manage rather than what might go wrong. Show confidence, even if you are feeling a bit wobbly, it helps that your child sees that you have a plan to carry out together.


For more information about going Back to School and supporting your own and your child’s wellbeing visit

#buildingresilience #BackToSchoolEdin

Have a lovely weekend! We’ll have another Building Resilience tip for you all on Monday. Stay safe!


Building Resilience- Back to School Tips#4

Back to School Tip #4

Building resilience can help us to develop the skills we need to cope with challenging times. Each day we are sharing tips for families which offer suggestions which may help with the return to school.

Back to School Tip #4: Look on the Bright Side – Find positive moments, however small, each day

Our brains are wired to notice threats, sometimes that stops us seeing the good stuff. That can mean we have to really try to be positive.
Your child: Help your child identify the positive things about lockdown easing or returning to school. Who might they be looking forward to seeing or what might they be looking forward to doing?
You: Consider the positives for you of lockdown easing and children returning to school.
Together: It can be helpful to make time each day to think of one or two positive things. It may be nice to write these down in diary or post them in a jar, share them with your child and listen to their ideas. You could have a phrase like “Today I loved…. playing football with you”

For more information about going Back to School and supporting your own and your child’s wellbeing visit
#buildingresilience #BackToSchoolEdin

We’ll have another building resilience tip tomorrow. Stay safe!

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Building Resilience- Back to School Tips#3

Back to School Tip#3


For some the return to school may be a busy and exciting time, for others it may cause some anxiety and worry. We have developed these Back to School Tips to support families with some ideas to help support wellbeing.  


Back to School Tip #3: Talk Things Over- It’s good to talk…and listen


Your child: Notice when is a good time and make space for your child to talk about things. This may be walking the dog, in the car or at bedtime. Create opportunities for your child to build a relationship with another family member, trusted adult or professional. 


Be available to actively listen to what your child is thinking or how they are feeling. Name what you think they are feeling, let them know you understand and try not to jump in too soon with a solution. For example. “It sounds like you’re worried about having no one to play with, I can see why that’s upsetting you.”


After the school day, your child may need time to wind down before telling you about their day. You could try sharing something about your day first.

                                                                                                                                                             You: Think about who you can talk to about any concerns or worries you have, such as a friend, family member or maybe a professional.




For more information about going Back to School and supporting your own and your child’s wellbeing visit


#buildingresilience #BackToSchoolEdin


There will be another new tip tomorrow! Stay safe!

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Building Resilience- Back to School Tips#2

Back to School Tip#2

We are sure many families will be starting to make plans to help with the return to school. We hope you find these Back to School Tips useful.

Back to School Tip #2: Be Kind to Others- Everyone needs Kindness

Your Child: Encourage your child to think of ways they can be kind to others and pay attention and praise your child when you notice them doing this. “It was kind of you to… share with your friend/ include them in your group at break”

Children learn by watching others- show or tell your child ways you have been kind to others. For example, “I had a chat with our neighbour, she looked a bit sad.”
You: Notice other parents on their own in and around the school, you never know who may welcome a friendly greeting or chat.

Above all, be kind to yourself. We’ve all been through exceptional circumstances.

For more information about going Back to School and supporting your own and your child’s wellbeing visit
#buildingresilience #BackToSchoolEdin

Back to School Tips Booklet
If you have a child who is starting or returning to school this term you can find lots of helpful tips to help get prepared in the Building Resilience- Back to School Tips booklet. You can download this now from
#buildingresilience #BackToSchoolEdin

Look out for another tip tomorrow! Stay safe!

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Building Resilience- Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips Booklet

Hello everyone! We hope you are having a lovely holiday.

We all want to help our children and young people make as smooth a transition as possible back into school and to feel safe and happy there. We are delighted to help launch the Edinburgh Back to School campaign with our partners across the city. We will be sharing some tips and resources which have been developed for families over the next couple of weeks.

Back to School Tip #1: Keep Connected- Relationships matter

Back to School Tip#1

Your Child: Support your child to contact a friend from school, chat online or spend some time together before the start of term. For children who may find this difficult, help plan an activity or discuss ideas of what they could talk about.
Think of ways your child can feel connected to you when they return to school, E.g. give them a picture, a written message or a familiar object that they can take with them in their pocket or bag. Schools will give advice on what your child can bring with them initially.
You: Arrange to meet or call a friend or another parent, have a chat and share your plans for returning to school. Suggest walking to school together or arrange to meet up after school starts.
Together: Share anything important that has happened during lockdown with school at the start of term- let them know about any family changes, positive achievements or challenges experienced. Your child may want to draw a picture or take a photo of something positive they have done to share with a staff member or their friends.

For more information about going Back to School and supporting your own and your child’s wellbeing visit
#buildingresilience #BackToSchoolEdin

Look out for another back to school tip tomorrow! Stay safe!

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Friday 26th June- Part 2

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Hello again everyone! We hope you enjoyed our virtual assembly and Tricky Ricky!

We’ve a few last minute bits of information to share/show you before we take a break for the summer! It’s a biggie, so get comfy…

First, Broughton’s Got Talent- Mrs Clark and Mr Rogerson need a big round of applause, because they organised this virtual event. Mrs Clark had the tough task of deciding the winners. Here is her feedback on all the group winners that were sent to her!
P1 – Dua Kadar (lovely dancing with some excellent costume changes)
P2 – Alexia Kiokpasoglou (fantastic magic tricks very confidently presented)
P3 – Robert (lovely mini village creation with lots of trucks) and Harrison H (excellent aim with your football, well done!)
P4 – Loa Sardi (beautiful piano playing)
P5 – Greg Bel (great singing, especially loving the actions and carefully chosen set)
P6 – Hana Dif (lovely, clear singing, well done for learning all of the words)
P7 – Matthew Dickie (beautiful flute playing at fantastic speed)

The overall winner for P1-3 is………Alexia Kiokpasoglou from P2!

The overall winner for P4-7 is……….Matthew Dickie from P7!

Well done Alexia and Matthew! What a fantastic achievement! We’ll share your videos next session at Assembly. You’ll be at high school Matthew, but we’ll still enjoy your lovely flute playing anyway!


Rachel Blythe has another Growing and Cooking Project idea she’d like us to share with  you all, just in case you would like to try it over the summer- it’s advice on how to grow pumpkins! You can find it here- How to plant pumpkins


We also have a message and links to new resources from the NSPCC which may be useful- see below-

While children aren’t in school we are very aware that there are some who are at significant risk of abuse and we also know that every child’s mental health will be impacted by what’s happened. At the heart of our “Speak Out Stay Safe” programme is the key message that children should speak out to tell someone they trust if they are worried or frightened about anything at all.

The NSPCC produced a Virtual Assembly on Facebook for P4-7, featuring special appearances from Ant & Dec and David Walliams– it can be viewed on Facebook here

The Contacting Childline video embedded in the film can be viewed separately here

This week we have launched ‘The Buddy Zone’ linked specifically to the Childline Under 12’s page. Click here to find it.
Other NSPCC resources to support Primary School Age children-

The Childline website is a brilliant source of information, advice and support for children and young people. In school we promote contact with Childline by phone 0800 1111 and via the website  The only change for Childline right now is that children and young people can only speak on the phone or use 1-2-1 Chat between 9am and midnight. They can still send emails at any time and these will be answered in the usual 24 hour time frame. For any children with a hearing impairment, the Deaf Zone is an additional resource on the website.

Net Aware includes advice from O2 and NSPCC experts on the social media apps and platforms kids are using. It covers the latest trends and most pressing issues facing kids online, helping parents, carers and young people to stay on top of things. Click here to find it.

NSPCC Resources for parents and carers
NSPCC has created a range of support resources for parents and carers- click here to see them.

The NSPCC Adult Helpline is also an important source of support for anyone concerned about the safety of a child – adults can call 0808 800 5000 or report concerns online.

P7 children who are attending Drummond should check out our Transition page for the latest newsletter from them.

Now, to our goodbyes. We have some staff who are leaving us for pastures new after the holidays. Miss Judges, Mr Paton and Mr Rogerson,we want to thank you all for your hard work and commitment to your classes this year. We will miss you! Also, Miss Perreau, a class PSA, who is returning to France. Bon voyage, et merci! We also want to thank Mr Papa for his PE lessons this year, and Mrs Troost for her Music lessons, and wish them  all the best for the future!

A special mention, of course, for Mrs Garner, who retired today after 17 years at Broughton! We will miss her smiles, her laughter and her excellent practice. We hope she comes back to visit us next session!

We look forward to welcoming Mrs Evans, Miss McDowell and Mr Richardson to our school staff, and Miss Quinn to our Nursery Team as Senior Early Years Officer. We hope you enjoy your time with us at Broughton!

Now to P7- we appreciate this year has been so unusual for you. We have not been able to send you off to High School in the manner we usually would. But, we have tried to give you some kind of alternative, to show you how much you all mean to us. Remember that we all wish you good luck, happiness and fun as you start high school. We will miss you all very much, and would be delighted to see you for visits next session once you have started S1. (We also hope you enjoyed the piper, especially for you- do you remember that song at Lagganlia?)

Last, but not least, to the rest of our Broughton ‘family’.

The past few months has been so strange, but we have shown what a strong ‘family’ we are. Our incredible staff have worked their socks off as they have developed their own skills and kept our learning going through online tasks and Teams. We are so proud of them, and wish them all a relaxing and restful summer break- they have earned it!

And our Broughton families- you have shown how hard working, resilient and supportive you have been through this. You have also worked incredibly hard to keep your learning going, and your sharing of your learning with us has been so lovely to see, and so important to us throughout these unusual times.

So, we wish you all a happy, healthy, relaxing and sunny summer holiday! We’ll see you all in August!

For the last time this year, as always, stay safe!

Mrs Venn, Mr Borthwick, Miss Bradley and Mrs Gowans

Stay Safe This Summer – The TBGS Pastoral Care Blog

Friday 26th June- Part 1

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Good morning everyone, happy Friday, and happy last day of term to you all!

We have 2 posts for you today- the first is our virtual End of Year assembly. Get ready to sing along! You can find it by clicking on the link below-

End of Year Assembly- Friday 26th June

We also have our links to ‘Tricky Ricky, our end of term treat for you- His show is aimed at Nursery-P3, but we’re sure older children will enjoy it too- You can watch his performance by clicking on the links below-

Here is his introduction-

Introduction from Tricky Ricky

Tricky Ricky’s Magic Show

We hope you enjoy watching, and taking part in these!

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Thursday 25th June

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Hello everyone, and a happy Thursday to you all!

Just one more sleep until the holidays! We’re nearly there!

Our first post today is a Head Teacher update from Mrs Gowans. See her letter below-

Head Teacher Update- Thurs 25th June


Today we had a lovely morning. Our P7 Leavers were invited in to school, to collect a copy of the P7 Yearbook, gifts from the school, and any personal belongings they had left in school before lockdown. This also gave them a chance to say goodbye to staff, and most importantly their teachers, in person! They were invited in small, staggered and socially distanced groups. It was so lovely to see them, and get the chance to wish them good luck face to face! Here are some photos of their visit-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As Mrs Gowans mentioned in her letter today, there will be no new learning uploaded to Microsoft Teams over the summer holidays. As Teams is for task and school related discussion, please use your own personal social media to chat with each other over the break.

If you are interested in any Active Schools activities over the summer holidays, please follow the link below for more information-

Active Schools- Summer Activities

Here are a few things to look out for on the website tomorrow.

  • A virtual end of year assembly
  • Winners of virtual Broughton’s Got Talent announced
  • Links for Tricky Ricky’s Magic Show

We hope you can check in with us then! Until then, stay safe!

Mrs Venn, Mr Borthwick, Miss Bradley and  Mrs Gowans

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Welcome to Broughton- New P1 Welcome Videos

Primary One – Welcome to St MacNissi's Primary School

Welcome to Broughton Primary!

Here are some videos to welcome you to Broughton. One is from your class teacher, introducing themselves to you, and the other is a tour of your P1 classroom.

We hope you find them helpful!

First is P1a, with Mrs Williamson-

Next is P1b, with Miss Blair-

Broughton Primary – Reach For The Stars