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Mrs Jennifer Williamson

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P2 Literacy Friday 3rd April

P2 Maths Friday 3rd April

P2 Easter Holiday Ideas


P2 Literacy Thur 2nd April

P2 Maths Thur 2nd April


P2 Literacy Wed 1st April

P2 Maths Wed 1st April


P2 Literacy Tuesday 31st March

P2 Maths Tuesday 31st March


P2 Literacy Monday 30th March

P2 Maths Monday 30th March

P2 Weekly Home Learning Grid WB March 30th


P2 Literacy Friday 27th March

P2 Maths Friday 27th March


P2 Literacy Thurs 26th March

P2 Maths Thurs 26th March


P2 Literacy Wed 25th March

P2 Maths Wed 25th March



P2 Maths Tuesday 24th March

P2 Hundred Square

P2 Dice Nets

P2 Numeracy Resources

P2 Literacy Tuesday 24th March


P2 Literacy Monday 23rd March

P2 Maths Monday 23rd March

P2 Literacy Flashcards

P2 Numeracy Flashcards

P2 Weekly Home Learning Grid WB 23rd March


P2 Home Learning 16.03.20

P2 Home Learning 17.02.20

For Internet Safety week, P2b have been watching a video about what do if something comes up on the screen that scares you or you don’t like it.


P2b are writing first drafts of fact files and enjoying activities at an editing station during free play.

P2 Newsletter Term 3

P2 Home Learning 13.01.20

P2 Literacy Rich Home Learning

Both Primary 2 classes have been incredibly lucky to take part in an apple planting as part of the Planting and Growing Project. Some children from the classes visited the Scottish Parliament to celebrate Apple Day 2019 with Mrs Williamson and Mrs Blythe from the Parent Council. They learnt all about apples, looked at different types of apples and tasted apples and apple juice. Then, all the children helped to dig holes in the planters and plant 3 apple trees and some daffodil and tulip bulbs around them. We watered them and now we will enjoy watching them grow and hopefully give us a lot of apples. We would like to say a big thank you to all the parent helpers who assisted us and made this wonderful experience possible for our children.

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P2 Home Learning 2.12.19

P2 Home Learning 4.11.19

P2 Literacy Rich Home Learning

P2b have been learning how to draw portraits this term, and the children have worked really hard to create these self portraits.


P2b are delighted with their lovely newly refurbished classroom!


P2 Home Learning 30.09.19

P2 Literacy Rich Home Learning

P2 Newsletter Term 1

Meet The Teacher P2 Presentation 2019

P2 Homework 2.09.19

P2 Literacy Rich Revision Homework