PSA Summer Fair Update

summer Fair

Here is an update on this year’s PSA Summer Fair-

Broughton Primary Summer Fair Update

The Summer Fair will take place in the main playground at Broughton Primary on Saturday 3rd June 2017 from 12pm-2.30pm.

Thank you to everyone who attended the PSA planning meeting on Friday 17th March and those of you who have already volunteered to help on the day. This update is for the benefit of those who were unable to attend the meeting.
Please email if you can help in any way.

How can I help in advance?

Raffle Prizes
Ailsa McMullan and Debbie Telford have kindly volunteered to co-ordinate the raffle. We need as many parents/carers as possible to source 1 or 2 raffle prizes from local businesses. Suggested prizes may be hair/beauty treatments, a meal in a local café or restaurant, children’s sport/art/music classes, entry to soft play centre, toys/books/games, beer/wine/spirits. If you are able approach a local business, please email so we can keep a record and not ask the same business several times.

Lend us your BBQ
We require 4 standard sized gas BBQs to cook sausages at the Fair. 2 parents have already kindly agreed to lend us their BBQ for the day. If you are able to bring along your BBQ for the day that would be much appreciated. If fancy yourself as a BBQ chef on the day, that’s even better.

Wine Lottery Volunteer
We need someone to source 90 empty wine bottles, with screw top, and 10 bottles of wine. All bottles are then wrapped in newspaper and given a number and set up on a grid. Punters will be charged £1 on the day for the chance to wine a bottle of wine. Parents/carers/teachers are invited to donate full and empty wine bottles.

Closer to the time of the event, you will be invited to donate good quality school uniform, toys/books/games in good condition, sandwiches/savouries/home baking and smaller raffle prizes.

How can I help on the day?

Ice cream courier
The PSA are going to order Luca’s ice cream to sell at the Fair. The ice cream needs to be collected from Luca’s ice cream shop in either Morningside or Musselburgh on the morning of the event, Saturday 3rd June 2017. Please email us if you are able to collect the ice cream.

Event Volunteer – Saturday 3rd June 2017

We already have 30 volunteers to help run the event, but we need about 75 to make sure it runs smoothly.
We need some strong fit people to set up tables between 09.30-10.00. Then, there are 3 shifts:

Event set up 10.00-11.30 – 15 volunteers
1st half 11.30-13.00 – 25 volunteers
2nd half/tidy up 13.00-15.00 – 25 volunteers

We plan to run the following stalls and need volunteers to set up and run each stall:

• Books; Toys; School Uniform
• Home Baking; Sandwiches/Savouries
• Tea/Coffee; Soup; BBQ; Tuck
• Raffle
• Face Painting; Ceramic Painting
• Hair braiding; Henna Body Art
• Balloon Modelling
• Wine Lottery
• Ice cream

Please email if you would like to help on the day.

Please advise if you have a preference of type of stall and time you can help or if you are flexible.