Broughton Runners!

Edinburgh Marathon

Yesterday we had a group photo shoot, taken by our local photographer and parent Ivon Bartholomew.

All the children who took part in this year’s Edinburgh Marathon Festival were included. The photo shoot also gave us the opportunity to thank Catriona Scott for all her dedication and effort in co-ordinating our school’s involvement in the EMF over the last few years.

Spearheading broughtonrunners, Catriona and Sandra Bagnall have worked so hard to encourage and increase our participation in the EMF, and have been so successful we’ve won the participation award for the past 3 years running! Catriona and Sandra won a Scottish Parent award for their efforts earlier this year, and just last weekend won another Local Hero award for Health, again for their EMF work. Well deserved!

Catriona’s children are moving to S1 after summer, so Catriona is moving on too! We just wanted to say a huge thank you to Catriona (and Sandra too) for all the enthusiasm and excitement they have generated in the Broughton Primary community for the EMF. Catriona has promised she’ll still cheer Broughton on at next year’s event! We send Catriona our best wishes for the future, and good luck to Sandra, who has a couple of years left as a Broughton parent, so isn’t going anywhere! (We hope!)

Here are some of the photos Ivon took yesterday. Thanks Ivon, for passing them on for our website!

Well Done 3