Broughton’s Got Talent!

Got TalentIt certainly does! This afternoon we were treated to an array of talented youngsters in our annual Broughton’s Got Talent event.

Our 3 capable judges were Katie from our After School Club, Catriona from bpsrunners, and Mrs Ramm, our PE teacher.

We saw a wide range of talents. Singing, dancing and gymnastics were on show, as well as ukulele, recorder and piano playing!

We also had 2 fantastic performances from our Glee Club, while the judges were doing the tough job of deciding the winners.

Everyone was extremely brave to get up and perform in front of the entire school!

As always there can only be one winner-

P1-3 was won by Adam for his fantastic gymnastics display!

P4-7 was won by Elisha for her amazing singing!

Thanks must go to our 3 judges, as they had a really difficult job to do!

Also. well done to everyone who took part in class auditions, or made it to the final- you’re all very brave!

Lastly, huge thanks and congratulations to Mrs McIntyre, who organised the event!

Here are some photos of this afternoon-

Well Done 3