House Captains

House captain badgesThe pupils have spoken! After holding our House and Vice captain elections last Wednesday, we are delighted to reveal our new House and Vice captains for this year! We announced their names at Assembly today, and it was very exciting as each of the captains was announced, and so lovely to hear the enthusiastic applause for each one! There were a few surprised faces too! Here they are….

IMG_3669House Captains- Summer Al-Robiey and Omar Karaallal

Vice Captains- Grace Clarkson and Ritika Gupta

IMG_3672House Captains- Isla Duncan and Harris Binnie

Vice Captains- Holly Girvan and Kian McLear

IMG_3673House Captains- Mija Cibuka and Seth Overton

Vice Captains- Maya Bateman and Aymen Chergui

IMG_3675House Captains- Hendeke Elias and Elliot Igbinoke

Vice Captains- Hana Dif and Isaac Schogler

Congratulations to all our new captains! We hope you enjoy taking on your responsibilities this year, and we’re sure you’ll be a great example to others!

We also need to thank and congratulate all the children who put themselves forward and took part in the elections last week. You’re so brave to present to such a large group, and we are proud of your efforts too!

We’ll keep you posted of our house captains and their responsibilities as the year goes on. Well done to all!