Friday 1st May

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Good morning everyone!

It’s Friday! Well done on making it to the end of another week in lockdown. We hope you are still managing to complete as much of your Home Learning as you can.

Remember we posted a link to a short survey we launched yesterday, so you can let us know how you are getting on. Follow the link here to complete it. It only takes a minute.

Remember that next week we will only be posting Home Learning on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This is because of an in-service day on Monday, and a holiday on Friday. It’s P4’s first chance to access their learning through Teams! We hope you enjoy that, and let us know if you have any problems.

Mrs Martin has sent us some more great Art ideas. This week she’s suggesting ways to use recycled materials to create fab Artwork! See below for more…

P1-P7 Recycled Art Ideas

Here’s another post from the WWF, with a new resource starting on Monday.

Starting Monday 4th May, we’ve provided fun daily activities to help your students connect with nature and learn more about our planet’s forests.
Our upcoming themed week will include live learning events via our new dedicated Facebook group (with recordings available on YouTube), links to our popular educational materials, and an opportunity to participate in a fun and insightful webinar with a WWF expert.

Follow the link to join the Facebook group- WWF Facebook Group

Remember that all of the Home Learning from before the Easter holidays is being removed from the website today, including some of this week’s videos. It’s your last chance to save or download a task you might want to keep if you particularly enjoyed it- although we have copies of everything saved too, so we can easily find things if need be!

Lastly, keep those guesses coming in for our Twitter Quiz- our throwback staff photos are priceless!

We wish you all a very happy weekend, and, as always, stay safe!

Mrs Venn, Mr Borthwick, Miss Bradley and Mrs Gowans

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