Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams - Wikipedia


From this week we are now using Microsoft Teams to share home learning with all stages of the school.
Here is a link to some instructions to use that may help accessing Microsoft Teams.

Accessing Teams on Office 365


We’re also very grateful to Miss McCrimmon, who has created some videos to help with using Teams. We hope you find them useful. The following videos apply to using Teams with an Ipad.
1. Logging into Teams


2. How to find assignments


3. Editing assignments


4. Submitting photos or work


5. Checking for Feedback from Teams

Thanks also to Miss Stewart, for her video giving some guidance using Teams on a laptop or desktop.


We are also very grateful to Ross Gibson, one of our P2 parents, who has allowed us to share a video he made explaining how to mark up a photo or PDF document on an Ipad. Thanks Ross!


We hope you find these videos useful. if you have any issues with accessing Teams, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you.