Monday 11th January


Hello everyone,

Happy New Year to you all. We hope you have been able to try some of your home learning today. There were some problems accessing Microsoft Teams across the whole country this morning, so hopefully things are working a bit more smoothly now!

Remember that your home learning will also be shared to your class page on the website. For step by step instructions and videos to give support using Teams, follow this link to our ‘Stuck at Home’ support materials page-

If you are struggling to submit work through Teams, and want to send a copy of your work to your teacher via email, did you know that if you have an Iphone or Ipad you actually have a scanner?

If you want to scan any work to your teacher, here’s how you can do it-

  1. Open the ‘Notes’ App.
  2. Press the camera button.
  3. You should see the option to ‘Scan’

Once the document is scanned you can email it easier than a photo, plus you can add notes to the scanned document.

You can follow this link to view the BBC Bitesize page, with extra ideas for learning during this period of home learning. Follow this link to find it-

Follow this link to find out about how lockdown learning will be available through CBBC and Iplayer-

Did you know you can access Microsoft Teams through a games console? Our Twitter feed has a document giving you instructions how to access Teams using an XBox or Playstation.

That’s all for today folks. We hope you are all doing ok, and hopefully it won’t be too long before we can see you in school again. Keep going, we’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again!

Stay safe!

Mrs Venn, Miss Bradley, Mr Borthwick, Mrs Rushforth and Mrs Gowans