Tuesday 12th January

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having a good day, and enjoying some sunshine!

We hope you’re all enjoying your home learning tasks, and are managing to get at least some of your work completed.

Mrs Gowans will be sending out an email shortly with links to specific areas of our website for information- so look out for that in your inbox later!

Learning packs with resources to support home learning will be issued on Thursday 14th January. They will be available to collect from the shelter in our lower playground, and will be issued in alphabetical order by surname. We will text tomorrow, Wednesday, with information about times for this.

We have a learning link to share today, for those looking to top up our home learning. RBS Moneysense Remote Learning bundles are available by clicking on this link-https://rbs.mymoneysense.com/teachers/remote-learning/?utm_source=NSP&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=RBS7&utm_content=RBS7-067&dm_i=4C7I,ZJHV,2FZV9F,4G936,1

Finally, our P.E. teacher, Mrs Bertram, has put together a grid of activities to keep everyone moving during lockdown. She has also set us a 20 mile challenge for this month! Click on the links below for more information about these exciting activities!

Broughton Primary-Keep Moving Grid- Word version

Broughton Primary-Keep Moving Grid- PDF

20 Mile Challenge- Word Version

20 Mile Challenge- PDF

That’s all for today’s update. We hope you enjoy the rest of your day, and look forward to sharing some new learning with you all tomorrow. Stay safe!

Mrs Venn, Miss Bradley, Mr Borthwick, Mrs Rushforth and Mrs Gowans