Primary 3a


Mrs Katrina Tweedie

P3a created these fantastic elf gardens as a homework challenge, and shared them with each other and other classes in school. This week parents were invited in to see them and had the chance to give feedback on what they were shown. Some very colourful and imaginative designs, P3a!

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P3 Newsletter May 2019

P3a have been enjoying playing chess.

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P3a had a great time reading with P5a during Book Week. It was fantastic to see such enthusiasm from both classes.

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P3 Homework March 2019

We have been experimenting with different ways of finding the answers to multiplication sums.

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We also had a fascinating workshop from an astro-physicist. She set us a test to see whether we too could become astro-physicists. We would need four skills – observation, integrity, resilience and problem-solving. We successfully observed the different phases of the moon. Then we promised not to eat the biscuit until later and successfully passed our integrity test. Our resilience was tested if showing the moon phases with our biscuits didn’t work out. Lastly we were given the problem of how to return a moon rock to earth without touching it or allowing air to contaminate it. If we keep practising our Maths every single one of us could choose to become an astro-physicist or astronaut.

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P3 have been studying our solar system this term. We went to Dynamic Earth to learn more. We had a tour, a film and a workshop. In the workshop we experimented with lack of gravity. Then one of us got dressed up as an astronaut and we made a chain so he could leave the space station to repair a solar panel.

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P3 Newsletter January 2019

P3 Newsletter Term 2

Homework Jigsaw 2.11