Primary 3a


Mrs Lorna Garner

P3a have designed posters to advertise their bakeries!

P3a have been learning to write letters this week, here are some examples of their lovely work.

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P3a have been writing a letter to Cinderella’s stepmother to apply for a job as a housekeeper. Mrs. Garner was very proud of how well the class were concentrating on a challenging task.

P3 Newsletter term 3

P3 Home learning Jigsaw 31.1.20

Welcome to the P.3 Science Lab!
On Monday 18th November a team of scientists from Heriot Watt University came to Broughton to lead both P.3 classes in a science workshop involving a variety of learning activities around our current topic of The Human Body.
The classroom was transformed into a laboratory and the children put on their white lab coats to take on the role of research scientists.
The star attraction was Frankenstein’s body which was missing some very important organs!
A series of activity stations were set up to engage the children in learning about different functions of the body. They were: testing lung capacity, growing skin, making blood in test-tubes, finding a liver for a transplant and solving a puzzle to show how the eyes connect to the brain.
There was even a magic show to help us learn about how cells work. Well, the body is pretty magical, right!

We now have 53 budding scientists in our school!

It was all AMAZING!!

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P3 Home Learning Jigsaw 06.12.19

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Meet The Teacher P3 Presentation 2019

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