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P3 Newsletter Term 4


P3 Home Learning 7.12.20

P3 Home Learning 23.11.20

We have been very excited today to receive our Read, Write, Count bags as part of Scottish Book Week. We looked at what was inside with great enthusiasm and then chose to share one of the books with a friend. We have even started using our little notebooks. We can’t wait to read our books at home and do lots of activities with them!

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P3b Home Learning 9.11.20

P3 Newsletter Term 2

P3 Home Learning 27.10.20

Last week we celebrated Maths Week by completing a new problem solving task every day. We have worked individually, in pairs and in small groups. Some of our activities were:
-Roll a dice twice and add the numbers. Keep rolling and adding on the new number every time. How close to 100 can you get?
– Make a 3D shape using picks and blue tack. Can you name your shape? Can you describe it?
– Find sticks in the playground that if placed in a line will be a meter long. Can you find anything else in the playground that is close to 1 meter?
– Can you cut and arrange the 2D shapes in a way that will make the shape of a swan?
We have all worked super hard to solve those problems and had so much fun at the same time!

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Meet The Teacher P3


P3 Home Learning 5.10.20

P3 Home Learning-Look on the Bright Side Family Task

P3 Home Learning-22.09.20

P3 Newsletter Term 1

On Thursday, P3b did some planting in the playground, as a first introduction to our ‘Planting’ topic. We used the spades and worked very hard as a team to fill up the planting bags with soil. We then, planted some potatoes in two of those bags and carrot seeds in the rest. We filled up our watering cans and watered the soil and seeds to help them grow. We found a safe space for them in the playground. We will now be taking turns to visit the planters in small groups and water them regularly. We are so excited to wait and watch them grow.