Primary 3b


Miss Katie Blair

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P3 Maths Thurs 2nd April

P3 Literacy Thurs 2nd April


King Arthur Comic Strip- Wed 1st April

The Magic Porridge Pot- Wednesday 1st April

P3 Literacy Wednesday 1st April

P3 Maths Wednesday 1st April


P3 Fractions Powerpoint Tuesday 31st March

P3 Maths Tuesday 31st March

P3 Similes Powerpoint Tuesday 31st March

P3 Literacy Tuesday 31st March


Hello P3!

P3 Literacy Monday 30th March

P3 Maths Monday 30th March

P3 Weekly Home Learning Grid WB March 30th


Boost Ideas for P3 to P7

P3 Literacy Friday 27th March

P3 Maths Friday 27th March


P3 Literacy Thur 26th March

P3 Maths Thur 26th March


P3 Literacy Wed 25th March

P3 Maths Wed 25th March


P3 Maths Tuesday 24th March

P3 Literacy Tuesday 24th March


P3 Literacy Monday 23rd March

P3 Maths Monday 23rd March

P3 Weekly Home Learning Grid WB 23rd March


P3 Homework Jigsaw 27.3.20

For Internet Safety week, P3b have been creating posters about internet safety. The main messages are- keep personal information safe, don’t accept ‘pop-ups’, if you are unsure ask an adult, and what you see online is not always true.

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P3b have been learning how to address a formal letter. They have worked hard to learn how to lay out a formal letter correctly. Their letter today is a job application to be the Ugly Sisters’ housekeeper.

P3 Newsletter term 3

P3 Home learning Jigsaw 31.1.20

P3 learned all about the human body and all the different organs when scientists from Heriot Watt university came in to visit us.

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P3 Home Learning Jigsaw 06.12.19

P3 Home Learning Jigsaw 22.11.19

P3B love the number recognition game, it helps them learn about the 100 square and place value as well as counting forwards and backwards.


P3 Home Learning Jigsaw 28.10.19

P3 Home Learning Jigsaw 23.9.19

P3 Homework Jigsaw 6.9

P3 Newsletter Term 1

P3 have been on a shape hunt in the playground!

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Meet The Teacher P3 Presentation 2019

P3 Homework Jigsaw- 26.8