School Closure- Day Two- Part Two

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Please see below for today’s list of websites and activities to compliment all the home learning we’re currently sharing-

Keep up with all the daily news, also with some supporting activities (P4-P7)


Want to make your own playdough? Follow this easy, no-cook recipe.

No-Cook Playdough Recipe

For fun History topics and supporting online activities/quizzes. (P4-P7)

Horrible Histories

For a range of fun ideas and activities from the Social Health and Education Scotland team-

Social Health and Education Scotland Activity Book

National Geographic for children. All areas of the curriculum (P3-P7)

National Geographic for Children

Lastly, Geography for a wider range of pupils (P1-7)

World Geography Games


We hope you’re all staying safe! Don’t forget to share your random acts of kindness with us to get a mention here!

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We’ll have more ideas and web links to share tomorrow!

School Closure- Day Two

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Tuesday 24 March

For the children

Good morning everyone.  We hope you all had a good first day of being at home instead of school.  Things have changed a little today so it’s more important than ever to be kind and helpful at home.  We have had a few emails from you sharing your acts of kindness.  We will share some of these over the coming days.

We wondered how many of you are exercising with Joe Wicks each morning?  It’s important that we all continue to do some type of daily activity. We know that lots of our Home Learning Grids have ideas of things you can do at home.

There are now hundreds of websites offering ideas and tips to keep you busy and creative.  Please make sure you are checking with an adult before you search anything.

Yesterday we launched a ‘Through the Keyhole’ challenge on our Twitter feed.  An insight into the working space of staff! We had a few guesses for the photo yesterday.

Your home learning tasks for today are posted on your class page.

Take care,

Mrs Venn, Mr Borthwick, Miss Bradley and Mrs Gowans

For Parents/Carers

I hope yesterday was not too challenging.  We had a few enquiries about the home learning packs that were distributed last Friday from parents unable to collect them.  I had hoped that we could deliver some over the next few days but unfortunately for now I am unable to get into the school building and need to observe the ‘stay at home’ message.  If and when this changes, I will let you know.

The Council is progressing plans for opening some schools to the children of category 1-3 keyworkers.  If this applies to you, you will be contacted directly and told the school your children are to attend.  This is only where there is absolutely no one else able to look after your children.  Updates can be found at

Wishing you all the best,

Maria Gowans


School Closure- Day One- Part Two

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Please see below for an updated version of the Edinburgh Learns Guidance for Parents and Carers, amended today.

Edinburgh Learns Guidance for Parents-Updated


Here are some websites and ideas that might support or extend the Home Learning we’re already sharing through our class pages.

The 30 Day Lego Challenge for all those Lego enthusiasts-

30 Day Lego Challenge

Twinkl has a wide range of activities and support materials. Follow the link and type in the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Twinkl Website

Miss Troost our Music specialist has provided a list of home learning activities, organised in stages.

Primary Music for Home Learning at Broughton

For fun activities that don’t require a screen! See below-

Non-Screen Home Activity ideas

Here are some STEM activities for families. Some aren’t doable if you’re observing self isolation, but there’s lots that don’t need to be outdoors!

77 STEM activities for families

Look out for some more website and activity ideas tomorrow!

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Lastly, Sky Flynn in P5b was quick off the mark to share our first act of kindness! Sky is writing to her 91 year old great granddad, as cant see him. She has sent one letter and plans to send a drawing next! What a lovely act of kindness! Keep them coming, and we’ll post them in our daily updates.

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Stay safe everyone!


School Closure- Day One

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For Broughton Pupils

Good morning everyone. We hope you all had a restful weekend. Welcome to the first week of home schooling. This is a new experience for almost all of us. Remember this may be difficult for your parents who might well be trying to do their own work so you need to try your best and persevere with tasks where you can. If you have brothers and sisters at home you can always ask for their help.
Each Monday there will be a home learning grid with lots of other activities you can do over the week. Please do not worry if you are unable to complete tasks.
Each day there will be new maths and language tasks in your class page on the website.

There are also many websites where you can access activities. Sumdog are offering a free sign up so you can ask your parents to sign you up at –

This will give you lots of fun maths games and help you improve your number skills.

We would like to hear from you and thought that it would be good if you could share any acts of kindness you do this week. That could be helping at home, helping a neighbour, writing or emailing a family member elsewhere. We are sure you can all think of lots of examples.
You can email us directly –
If you are in Language Classes you can email
If you are in nursery or P1 you can email
If you are in P2-P4 you can email
If you are in P5-P7 you can email

Take care,
Mrs Venn, Mr Borthwick, Miss Bradley and Mrs Gowans

Update for Parents/Carers

Good morning. I hope you have all had a reasonable weekend. Thank you for all the lovely messages we received last week and over the weekend.

I appreciate that this is a very challenging time for us all and that having your children at home for the coming weeks will be very difficult for many of you. Over the next two weeks we are aiming to put a better system of home learning provision in place so that children can upload their learning directly to their teacher. This will be easier to set up when we have access to a school and can use Group Call to send out passwords etc. In the mean time they can access learning via their class page on the website.

On Friday you will have been sent a message asking that you complete the keyworker form. Updates on the Council’s plans can be found at

I will continue to update you on a regular basis.
Take care,

Maria Gowans

Quick Guides for COVID-19 Advice and Claims

Please see below information on the following-

1. Factsheet on what can be claimed in this COVID-19 outbreak.

Maximise! What to Claim Coronavirus Factsheet March 20

2. A flyer for staff and families detailing our Care Experience advice and support City-wide

Maximise! Support Memo Schools and Social Work – Covid-19

3. An update on current Advice provision in the city.


Thank you.

Coronavirus Advice- Translated

Please see below information providing advice about Coronavirus. This has been translated into the languages stated.

Arabic Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Bengali Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

English Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

French Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Hindi Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Mandarin Covid19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Portuguese Covid-19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Spanish Covid-19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Urdu Covid-19 Guidance – 13.03.2020

Thank you.

House Art Club


House captain badgesDrummond House Team were able to deliver their lunchtime Art Club this week for their house members! The theme of the lesson was ‘Finger Painting’ and after using a YouTube clip to inspire the group, Omar, Summer and Grace’s activity allowed the children to create their own designs, pictures and characters, just using their fingers!

Well done to the Drummond house captain team for organising such a lovely activity!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’d like to thank all our House Captain teams for their efforts in planning these lunchtime Art Clubs. The children have really enjoyed attending, and have had lots of fun, some learning new skills too! Well done everyone!

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