Thursday 11th June

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Hello everyone, and a happy Thursday to you all!

My goodness, we have a big update for you today!

First, we’re delighted to show you some fabulous photos that were shared with us after yesterday’s super Scavenger Hunt! It looks like lots of our children took part, and had lots of fun! Don’t forget to let your class teacher know your score by 3.15pm today, and we’ll count them all up and announce the results on Monday! Here are some photos, and huge thanks to Miss Blair and Mr Paton for organising this event!

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We are also delighted to share the following post from Rachel Blythe, Vice-Chair of our PSA, who has been leading our Planting and Growing Project this session. Thanks for the update Rachel!

Continuing from the earlier information about planting in May and June 2020, Broughton Primary School’s Growing and Cooking Project would like to share some information with you on planting sunflowers and potatoes. We would love to encourage families to plant something at home in June 2020, if they are able to do so. This is a small bit of a replacement for the planting activities, which we would have had in the school in June. The two documents below describe how to grow sunflowers and potatoes. Again, if you plant something, then we’d love to see some photos of the plants as they grow, so please send us pictures so that we can share them here! Please also enjoy our pictures of us repotting our sunflowers in early June.

How To Plant Potatoes

Sunflower Growing

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Mrs Martin has more Art activities for us to try. The theme of this one is ‘Artists.’ We hope you enjoy them!

Mrs Martin Art task- Artists


On Tuesday 23rd June we will be taking a whole school virtual trip to Edinburgh Zoo.
This will involve watching the live webcams, taking part in activities and sharing some information and photographs on Teams or by email for Twitter and the Website. Huge thanks to Miss Wilson and Mrs Clark, our P1 teachers, for organising this! Look out for some pre-visit tasks in next week’s home learning to prepare for this. How exciting! See the attached letter below:

Broughton Virtual Trip to Edinburgh Zoo


Please see below the latest resources from the team at RBS Moneysense, with two new bundles to develop learning in the following areas:

For First Level:
What coins and notes do we use?
What are needs and wants?
Why is it important to save money?
Where can I keep my money safe?

For Second Level:
How do I plan a simple budget?
How can I pay for things?
Enterprise: raising money for charity
How can I keep my money safe? including fraud and scams

Find resources here

We close today’s post with some more sharing of home learning. Afnan in P6 has shared this lovely piece of embroidery she has done. Here’s what she had to say about it-

“To make embroidery, you use a piece of fabric and decorate it. You need to use some thread and needle, but if you want you can add beads,pearls etc. What you need to do is to draw something to be a template. Then if you have a proper embroidery kit (any kit will do) you can add any colour you want. It  is like you are decorating. It is really hard and I got poked with the needle quite a few times, but I didn’t give up and this is my first time doing embroidery. It turns out to be great!”

We agree Afnan , it does look great! Thanks for sharing with us!

Afnan Embroidery


That’s all for today folks! Don’t forget Drop everything and Read time at 2.30!

As always, stay safe!

Mrs Venn, Mr Borthwick, Miss Bradley and Mrs Gowans

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