End of Term Update

We have a few items to update you with in our last post of what has been an eventful year, to say the least!

Firstly, here is the latest Head Teacher update letter from Mrs Gowans.

We have also updated our Anti-Bullying guidance. Both our pupil and parents Equalities Groups have had the chance to see these, and give feedback on their content. As well as the guidelines, we have also provided some links to useful resources we hope will support the guidelines. We have created a page on our website especially for these Anti- Bullying resources, called ‘Anti-Bullying.’ You can find the page by clicking on this link here

Our Friends at Broughton group have been busy again, this time decorating our Bowling Green space to make a festive ‘Bringing in the Greens’ display. Thanks to everyone who helped, photos are below!

We’d like to thank you all for your incredible support this year. We’d also like to thank our wonderful pupils and staff for all their hard work and resilience as we have managed a challenging year!

We wish you all a very restful and safe holiday, and look forward to facing new challenges when we return in January. Merry Christmas!